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Life of Li


Li is a young and very nice portuguese woman whose real name is Liliana.

Life of Li is about a strong woman and how she survives after finishing her degree in Design at 2005 and decided that the thing that she wants the most is to illustrate and live happy ever after.

Believe it or not, Li hasn't got an Instagram account so she's got to live her real life surviving in her own real world with her music, her dreams, her sexy cat Charly Filipe, her green plant Gervásio Filipe and thousands and thousands of illustrations wallking around  in her head and walls...

As she learns more about how things really work in the outside world she also learns more about herself. 
Li decided a long time ago that, no matter what, she his a winner already.

Life of Li - in Lisbon since 2008. *


Official sites: vai-mas-volta.blogspot.pt
Country: Portugal
Language: Portuguese
Genre: Comedy, drama, adventure, terror, documentary
Runtime: 6 years and counting...
Locations were the journey took place: Príncipe Real, Estefânia, Anjos, Alfama 
Soundtracks: All the 6872 tracks that she have in her itunes 
Certificate: M/18

*Any similarity with other story is pure coincidence.

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Maria Teresa Ribeiro disse...

Adoro Liliana.
Não resisti a partilhar(-te) no facebook, como aliás o faço outras vezes.

Obrigada por nos beliscares a criatividade***

Um forte e largo abraço